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Our Story

A Texas Revolution - Then and Now

On January 10, 1901, several failed attempts, a whole lot of lost money, and even more blood, sweat and tears all became worth it when a drill bit finally hit paydirt at a depth of 1,139 feet in a major oil discovery at Spindletop Hill outside of Beaumont, Texas. The “gusher” produced a previously unheard of 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day and forever changed the landscape of industry in the State of Texas, as people flocked in from near and far to try to stake their claim to the black gold buried beneath the surface. Fast forward 110 years: Texans love their beer, but when it came to finding high quality crafts, the well is a duster. Outdated distribution laws and on site sales regulations have rendered the industry non-economic, and with a very select few exceptions, Texans must drink craft beer imported from other states or none at all. And then in an instant everything changed.
A few smart legislators lead by the prospect of job growth and competitive markets set their crosshairs on the old way of doing things and hit another economic gusher when they successfully changed the laws favorably for the craft brewery industry in Texas. The revolution was underway. In beer terms, a Spindle Tap is a wooden handle with round shaped spindles used to open the flow of beer from the keg through the spigot for the pour into the glass. But regardless of material or design, at SpindleTap Brewery, we embrace the booming growth of the industry and welcome each and every new tap handle we see in the restaurants, bars and retailers of our great State. Our name is a celebration of the rapid expansion of the industry – one that was long overdue. The past is repeating itself, we have again hit paydirt.

Proudly Brewed in Houston, Texas by Houston, Texans. Join us for a little liquid gold served coldcheers_box





Boomtown Blonde

Houston, Texas / AKA Clutch City / BoomTown Proper

ABV: 5.5%    
IBU: 20

A boomtown is a community that experiences sudden and rapid population and economic growth.  This is normally attributed to the nearby discovery of a precious resource or some other previously undiscovered advantage.  Houston and the Gulf Coast of Texas have certainly had historical runs of “boomtown” status due to oil, but apart from a few brief hiccups, we consider this area to be in a perpetual state of BOOM.  Mostly due to the hardworking population that calls this little paradise home.

BoomTown Blonde is a salute to Houston and all this big ol’ mess of steel, sweat and 100% pure Texas has to offer.  No sizzle, all steak.  No hat, all cattle.  Okay, maybe a little hat of the 10-gallon variety if you’re so inclined.  The point remains.

We may not be the prettiest city on the planet, but these dollar bills are pretty enough.  What’s that smell, you ask?  I believe that’s the color green.  So grab yourself a frosty barley pop and pour one out for Houston, TX.

BoomTown, USA



Toolpusher Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 50

There’s a job to do, and it needs to be done yesterday.  Waste a few hours?  You might as well flush a fistful of gold doubloons down the commode.  No sir, this ain’t the time for a neighborhood game of grab-ass or pillow fights.  Somebody best take the bull by the horns and get this train a rollin’…

He is the toolpusher.  El Jefe, comprende?  He’s not here to make small talk or be your pal.  His job is to get things done and done on time.  Naw, screw that noise.  It’ll be done early.

Spindle Tap TOOLPUSHER is a Pale Ale that doesn’t care if you had dinner plans.  Want to take it easy and relax?  Call me when you’re ready to put the big boy pants on.  We’ve got a job to do and it’ll be done in smooth, efficient fashion.  Pour one out and take it down asap, amigo.  You won’t be sorry.

Unless you waste time doing it.  You’ve been warned.


Hopper House

Hopper House Double IPA

ABV: 8%
IBU: 100

The hopper house, technically speaking, is a collection bin where chemicals are mixed into a mud slurry before being funneled down hole as part of the oil & gas production process.  It looks, and in many ways, functions much in the same fashion as a funnel works with beer at parties.  Once it’s ready to go, a quick push of a button and the contents vanish like a june bug in the chicken yard.  

Coming in at a little over 8% ABV, this beer is a perfectly balanced “slurry” of malt and hops that will rapidly deliver when released down hole.  But a word of wisdom: This dog bites.  Unlike it’s oil & gas namesake, take your time with this Hopper House.  It’ll get you where you need to be soon enough.

You can always use your funnel for any light beers you may have laying around the house.  Assuming you don’t need them for your plants, of course.


Honey Hole

Honey Hole ESB

ABV: 7%
IBU: 20

Ahhhhh…the Honey Hole.  The sweet spot.  Your go-to numero uno.

You can spend a lifetime searching, but when you’ve found the right prospect, stay on it.  That baby will produce for years or hell, sometimes decades to come.  No dusters here.  Nothing but long, strong production and big time paydirt.

Spindle Tap Honey Hole is a smooth, easy drinking beer that’s always on point.  Just one taste, and you might have yourself a new go-to brew.  Yes sir, you’ve found a winner.

The Honey Hole.

Drilling hot.
With 1 goal.
The sweet spot.
The honey hole.
Prospector’s dream.
That monster hit.
Can you connect?
Direct the bit.


Honey Hole

Hop Gusher IPA

ABV: 6.5%

West Coast IPA with tropical notes of grapefruit, pineapple, mango and melon. Easy drinking, quite refreshing, quenches-your-throat – kind of IPA!



Hop Options

El Dorado / Amarillo

ABV: 7%
IBU: 70

Life is full of choices. Bacon or sausage? Coffee or tea? Blonde or brunette…

The fact of the matter is that one’s chocolate and the other is vanilla, but they’re both sweet. Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a fork in the road, and there may not be a right answer. Or rather, there may not be a wrong answer, because either direction is a good one. The choices may vary, and they may vary drastically, but each available option is a strong one, and you can’t go wrong.

So let it be with SpindleTap Hop Option.

We’re not simply talking about a beer here, because really, it’s more about choices. We’re talking about setting yourself up for success, regardless of direction. There is no wrong answer, only varying degrees of fine craft enlightenment. Congrats on making it this far, pilgrim. From here it is only smooth sailing – these stocks only go up. So dive right in and and begin your journey with The Hop Option.



Wildcatter Wit


ABV: 7%
IBU: 70

Classic Belgian Wit characteristics with mild agave sweetness and very slight tartness from the tamarind that helps balance the sweetness. Easy to drink, refreshing summer brew.


Additional Beers


Dry/Irish Stout

ABV: 4.5%

Slightly roasty/smokey, flavorful, perfectly balanced stout. This dry stout is rich and creamy, roasty but smooth, smokey but velvety. Good for any occasion!


Brown IPA

ABV: 8%

This amazing brown IPA is finished with cacao and pecans. The unsweetened chocolate compliments the bitterness of the hops, as well as increases perceptive sweetness. The pecans add a nutty finish and depth of sweetness.

Aceite Crudo

Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 11%

Aceite Crudo, which means crude/raw oil, is a full bodied and rich mouthfeel. The RIS has amazing coffee, tobacco, dark chocolate and dried fruit notes.


Our Team

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

Brody Chapman

Brody Chapman

Founder View Details
David Miller

David Miller

Founder View Details
Shaun Ebersole

Shaun Ebersole

Brewmaster | Founder View Details
Cameron Banks

Cameron Banks

Founder View Details
Adam Wright

Adam Wright

Founder View Details
Garrison Mathis

Garrison Mathis

Brewer View Details
Leo Longoria

Leo Longoria

Sales Representative View Details
Brody Chapman

Brody Chapman


Brody was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming to a semi-professional skier father and rodeo star mother.  That’s not true (apart from being born there), but it’s not altogether unbelievable when you meet his parents.  Remarkable people.  Anyhow, the Chapmans relocated to Houston in 1989 and Brody grew up in Kingwood and attended Texas Tech University after a short career playing college football at Western State.

After graduating from Texas Tech, Brody started a lucrative career selling copy machines in a role that would ultimately lead him to anoint himself the “Houston King of Copiers”.  After a couple of years atop his throne, he woke up one day and said, “You know, selling copy machines sucks.” and took a new role working in freight and logistics in close correlation to the oil & gas industry.  It was this move that would refine Brody’s skills and lead to his ultimate jump into the world of entrepreneurialism.  Along with David Miller, he went into business on his own opening “Lightning Logistics” and a number of related companies that have done very well.  

In 2014, Brody and Dave began construction on their 65,000 square foot distribution center.  It was here that the idea for Spindle Tap Brewery materialized.

The rest is history.  Not really, since Spindle Tap Brewery is brand new, but you get the picture.  

Brody is married to Caroline Montano Chapman and has 2 beautiful strapping young boys.  We wish Caroline the best of luck in advance of their teenage years.

David Miller

David Miller


David grew up in Kingwood, Texas outside of Houston the son of Donna and Bob Miller.  In 1996 he graduated and was off to Texas A&M University.  Reflecting on his time there, David has often been quoted as saying, “Texas A&M was an amazing experience, primarily because I got to hang out with Cameron Banks.”  It’s possible that he didn’t say that, but he certainly should have.

David and Cameron were roommates from their sophomore year until graduation.  After a brief stint of separation anxiety, David moved into the same neighborhood in West Houston as Cameron and the two continue to share air.  

David began his career working for Duke Energy in various finance-related capacities.  One night after quite a few too many beers, he agreed to leave the corporate world and start a company with Brody Chapman.  The move turned out to be a good one, and the two have enjoyed significant success.  To this day, David continues to credit Cameron Banks as the main inspiration behind everything he does.  It’s possible that he doesn’t, but he certainly should.  It was David that first approached Cameron with the idea of opening Spindle Tap Brewery in early 2014.  Cameron initially rejected the idea as “kinda dumb”, but after 6-7 seconds of heavy persuasion by David, he caved and agreed they should clearly open a brewery.

David is married to Katie Russ Miller and they have 2 wonderful kids, Parker and Campbell.  Cameron continues to raid Dave’s beer fridge to this day.  Basically, nothing has changed since college.

Shaun Ebersole

Shaun Ebersole

Brewmaster | Founder

After a relatively quiet life as a Director of IT security, in 2012, Shaun Ebersole learned that he had terminal liver disease.  Desperate to leave his family in a position of financial stability, Shaun began working the back channels and supplying a black market hooch industry with ultra-high quality homebrew.  Though immediately successful and extremely profitable, it wasn’t long until Shaun began finding a myriad of issues with suppliers, rival underground brewmasters, law enforcement, and even his own family.  Trying to stay 1 step ahead of the game, Shaun worked himself deeper and deeper into a dark web of lies.  Through increasingly difficult challenges coming from all angles, Shaun has survived and thrived by slowly changing from the man he once was to a new Kingpin of…

Wait, no…I’m thinking of Breaking Bad.

Shaun Ebersole has lived in Houston, Texas all of his life and began the art of crafting fine brews roughly 10 years ago.  He works in IT in the O&G industry when he’s not in his garage coming up with new beer varieties and has been a colleague of Cameron Banks for several years.

Shaun’s strength lies in his attention to detail.  He is extremely organized and methodical in his brewing operations and does not accept mediocrity or compromise when it comes to quality.  What he lacks in large-scale experience, he more than makes up for in ability and creative drive.  He has a long resume of brewing outstanding beers and we’re very excited to see what he can do with commercial grade equipment.

Cameron Banks

Cameron Banks


Cameron was born in the frozen wasteland of Minnesota where he survived until liberation at age 10 when his family moved to San Antonio, Texas.  Though not a Texan by birth, he quickly fell in love with The Lone Star State.  So much so, in fact, that when his family again moved to North Carolina in 1995, Cameron chose Texas over family, living with a friend until high school graduation.

In the fall of 1996, Cameron enrolled at Texas A&M University and began his life long education in beer.  Frustrated with the lack of (beer) diversity he initially encountered, Cameron joined a greek fraternity where he would meet future Spindle Tap partner David Miller.  Constantly driven by his desire to learn (about beer), Cameron attended many social gatherings and found almost nightly opportunities to gain knowledge (about beer).  After 6 short years of learning, Cameron was ready to move on to the next level and graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in accounting, a masters in finance, and a (honorary) doctorate in beer consumption.

After graduation, Cameron spent a couple months in Europe learning a lot about beer.  A whole lot.  Actually, there isn’t much “history” of his time in Europe.  Really should have written some stuff down or taken some more pictures or something…

Cameron has lived and worked in the energy sector of Houston since coming back from allegedly spending time in Europe after graduating from A&M.  His drive and desire to continue on the path towards righteousness (of beer) have remained strong throughout his career.  He is currently married and has roughly two (?) children.  Or at least two little people that make noise and eat all the good food in the house.

Adam Wright

Adam Wright


Another Houston native, Adam grew up in Kingwood with Brody Chapman and David Miller. “Grew up” may be a stretch with those 3, actually. Anyhow, Adam describes his youth as a period of rebellious confusion. Actually, I describe his youth that way because he played soccer.

After high school graduation Adam (still confused) became an expat and attended Indiana University where he pursued a worthless degree in Sports Marketing & Management. Realizing how silly the State of Indiana was, Adam moved back to the homeland and was hired by the Houston Texans, despite Adam’s shady background in European sports.

After 13 short years working in sales, Adam decided that he didn’t particularly care to work in sales. Recognizing the talent-grab opportunity, David and Brody quickly hired Adam as in-house entertainment with the role of a tap-dancing greeter at the front desk. Though he enjoyed significant success, he was quickly promoted to the Chief Operating Officer, which made a lot more sense on any number of levels.

Adam is married with 3 amazing kids, Shaun (named after our brewmaster), Samuel (named after Samuel L. Jackson), and Avery (named after James Avery jewelry). The names and marital status are the only true aspects of the preceding sentence.

Garrison Mathis

Garrison Mathis


-bio to come-

Leo Longoria

Leo Longoria

Sales Representative


2nd Annual Chili Cook Off Saturday February 3rd!

Chili Season is here! Sign your team up to compete, or come to sample! 

Winners get cash prize! 

Saturday, February 3rd from 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Set-Up for contestants is 8:00am 

Registration is $20/team (This is for the entire team. There is no team size limit.)

Email info@spindletap.com or call (713)325-1477 for more information.    

Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2nd-annual-chili-cook-off-spindletap-brewery-tickets-42006303986

Basic chili cooking rules:

1. Only one judging cup per chili pot may be turned in for judging.
2. Chili must:
a. be cooked on site the day of the cookoff
b. be prepared from scratch (no commercial chili mixes)
c. contain no fillers (beans, macaroni, rice, hominy, etc.)
d. be prepared in as sanitary a manner as possible
e. be prepared in the open (no motorhomes, closed tents, etc.)
3. Cooks must sign number slips in ink when they receive their judging cups and must not tamper with or mark the judging cups they receive.
4. Each head cook must bring his/her judging cup (filled to the designated level)to the designated place at the set judging time.

Hops N’ Hot Sauce Festival Saturday January 13th from 12-8pm

Come enjoy some spicy samples and other goodies at the 2nd Annual Hops n’ Hot Sauce Festival at SpindleTap Brewery on January 13, 2018! Celebrating National Hot Sauce Day and benefiting local charity Curefest, this indoor event will also have a kids area with a bounce house, silent auction, and live entertainment from local artist Gary Kyle. A hot pepper eating contest with a $250 cash prize will bring back last years champion to defend his title!


Trailer Rental & Food Options


Spindletap Trailer

-Available for RENT – Pit/Trailer

Please email info@spindletap.com

Food Options

  • Food Truck Fridays – 12-noon to 9pm
  • Wildcatter  Burgers and Derrick Dogs – served with Kettle Brand Chips – served on Saturdays and Sundays

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If you put root beer in a square cup, do you get beer?