April 18, 2017 Spindletap Admin

Brisket U Class on Sunday, May 7th from 3-6pm!

Brisket U

BrisketU’s Backyard Pitmaster class is the original introductory class designed and formulated to teach the average BBQ lover how to work a pit and create the quintessential smoked brisket, the toughest piece of beef to master.  And while there you can view the many pit options available for a perfect cook.  In this class for greenhorns and experienced grillers alike, you will learn from accomplished pitmasters the art of smoking brisket from start to finish.  Learn up-close about Texas pits, choosing the right brisket, trimming techniques, rubs and prep, wood selection and smoke profiles, starting and managing a firebox, timing the cook, and slicing the end product.

Register at https://www.evensi.us/brisketu-backyard-pitmaster-class-spindletap-brewery/205890110


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